• Enlightenment classes

    Teach in music and stimulate children's interest.

    For 3-5 years old
  • Nursery class

    English Zoom strengthens the training of English listening and speaking

    For 5-7 years old
  • Young learners

    English Zoom is integrated with the practice of comprehensive development
    Reading and writing skills

    For 7-12 years old
About English Zoom

English Zoom  is a "love of English, feelings of love, feelings of growth," the three dimensions as one of the children's style English training institutions. The introduction of the United States the most advanced teaching philosophy, the United States K12 education system, authentic "American kindergarten" (3-6 years old), "American primary school" (7-12 years old) mainstream core curriculum system, international qualification of foreign teachers Teachers, strong R & D team and a complete teaching supervision and training system; using the world's leading multimedia courseware, including camera, recording, real teachers, somatosensory games, equipped with advanced interactive projection whiteboard, abandon the traditional Church model, The garden is easy to learn English in pleasure.

English Zoom advantage

English Zoom Language School to provide the children with real teaching environment, science, Chinese and foreign professors of the proportion of curriculum design, the use of the authority of the original US textbooks, through the international cutting-edge teaching model to stimulate student interest.
In addition, English Zoom first teaching structure, foreign teachers to cultivate interest and language sense and correct pronunciation, teaching and then follow the guidance of the way, to maximize the child's language learning interest and ability to improve simultaneously.

English Zoom has six real-life scene classrooms, 32 household fragments, 48 species of occupations, comprehensively covering over 90% of the whole real-life views, and sets 100-1800 kinds of materials, to extend life as the English class, p..

Children's level: the textbook system of macmillan, the fourth largest in America,
Children's level: the Wonders series of the American publishing giant McGraw-hill group
From kindergarten to high school, it belongs to the school education.

English immersion teaching in Canada
Proved by over 40 years’ practice.
Using English to learn multiple disciplines
Cultivated children’s English expressions and English thinking ability

Direct Method of Teaching
Situational Teaching Method
Total Physical Response Teaching Method
Project Management Teaching Method
Reading Teaching Method
Audio-Lingual Teaching Method

Project management capabilities,
Speech presentation ability,
team work,
While children are learning English,
Through the cultivation of habits and abilities.

Foreign teacher as the dominant, Chinese teacher as the auxiliary;
Certificate + Experience + Quality faculty;
North American Foreign Teachers + Senior Chinese Teachers

Teaching methods to teach lead;
Foreigner practice simulation exercise;
Language lessons and interest classes.

We created an American library,
Set up a different stage of reading publications,
For children to create a good reading atmosphere.
Enhance the child's reading interest,
Cultivate good reading habits from an early age.


  • Lin
    Teacher profile:Hey,i'm Lin,it's a big honor to join in English Zoom. I went to America to enrich myself.I love English and children,that's why I have been stayed in educational center for more than 5 years.I think the education which is love first,then teach.

  • Dina
    Teacher profile:My name is Dina,Im from Kazakhstan,Almaty.Im 22 years old now.I Study Chinese in Beijing. I like read news,watch movies,Im a girl and almost every girl loves shopping. China is a shoppers paradise,At least for me.I love traveling inside China,To me,I dont know w

  • Daniel Ruiz
    Teacher profile:SEATTLE, WASHINGTON
    BA in Psychology, American University
    MA in Historical Studies, Oxford

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